Exceed Creative Figure -SweetSweets Series Noel Raspberry ver.- Hatsune Miku

Minimum down payment:


Please note that the item you are currently viewing is available for pre-order and will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available at our location.

Pre-order price: ₱860
Minimum down payment: ₱100
Deadline: Jun-10 2024
Release date: Oct-2024
SRP: ₱950

Remaining balance after down payment: ₱760

Specifications/Product description: Approximately 21cm tall

  • For GCash payment, please scan QRPh during checkout.

Exceed Creative Figure -SweetSweets Series Noel Raspberry ver.- Hatsune Miku


Reminders: Pre-order process

1. Send us the order number or the screenshot of your payment confirmation to our Facebook page for documentation purposes

2. Minimum down payment will be deducted from the actual pre-order price

3. Please expect a private message from FB, text message, or email before the arrival and/or release date of the product


The shipping fee will be based on the actual shipping rate of each courier:
-Flash Express-LBC-Lalamove-GrabReturned customers on the other hand has still option to opt with the Flat rate shipping. PHP 140 shipping fee will be available for a total pre-order down payment amount under PHP 4,000, while PHP 4,001 and above will be automatically considered as free shipping on the same order

For Shopee checkout for the remaining balance and other concerns, please send us a private message on Facebook

Cancel/Edit order

1. We can only refund the down payment within 24 hours. If you believe that there's a mistake with your order and would like to edit/cancel it, please send a private message to our FB page.

2. Take note that the request for pre-order cancellation is subject to approval.

3. The 24-hour rule won't be applicable if you process the down payment 2 days before the pre-order deadline.

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