Pre-Order Process

1. Choose your preferred product
2. Process the down payment on our Website. If you prefer processing the pre-order outside the website, please send us a pm on our Facebook page:
3. Once done, please send us a private message on our Facebook page: ShaJo Toy Store or send an email to
4. Someone from our team will get back to you and will provide the next step/order confirmation

1. A down payment will be deducted from the pre-order price
2. Please expect a private message from FB, text message, or email before the arrival and/or release date of the product
3. For pre-orders on our website, we can only process refunds within 24 hours. If you believe there's a mistake with your order and would like to edit/cancel it, please make sure to send us a private message on our Facebook page or send an email to Any cancellation/request to edit after 24 hours will not be accepted.
4. Cancellation of pre-orders on our website after 24 hours is not allowed since we're forwarding the down payment to the distributor or manufacturer. Furthermore, the 24-hour rule won't be applicable if you process a down payment 2 days before the pre-order deadline/due date.

Unclaimed orders:
All unclaimed orders will be treated as forfeited 60 days after they arrive at our location.

Tips on how to avoid the cancellation of your pre-order:
1. Always include your contact number/email address when placing the order on our website. You may also send us a pm on our FB page ( after placing the order so that even though we don't have your email or contact number, we can still reach out to you via FB Messenger.
2. If you wish to extend the time frame due to unforeseen circumstances, we recommend you reach out to our FB page ( and provide your order number. We will check what we can do, however, if in case that it's already beyond 60 days we apologize but we will have to cancel the order as part of our new policy
3. It's best practice to check your email inbox/phone/FB account that you used to contact us as we might be contacting you already regarding the arrivals of your order